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Online Bathroom Planners – A Guide To.

by Patrick Blair on November 25, 2011

In our last post we cited six of our favourite online sources for bathroom design inspiration. Today. we’re going to look at bringing some of those design ideas into reality by taking a look at some of the best bathroom planner tools there are available online.

Before we kick off, we should say that whenever you’re planning a bathroom, that you should not rely completely on these tools. They can go wrong, especially if you accidently add in incorrect information. We’d suggest you double check your layout manually, or ask your bathroom fitter to check it through for you. Trust us, you’ll want to find mistakes in your design before you’ve purchased any bathroom furniture, and you’ll definitely want to before you or your bathroom fitter shows up to fit it for you.

Does It Fit?
This is a great tool, and probably one of the easiest to use as well. All you do is choose your bathroom shape from the options, add in your measurements then plan away to your heart’s content. It also lets you add room elements such as windows, doors, and products from baths to heated towel rails. For us, this stands out from the pack, well worth a look.

Villerov & Boch
Not quite as customisable as the Does It Fit too, but still a great tool. This tool does include a room height option as well, which is great as most people don’t think of height as ever being an issue when planning out a room because your focus is on the size of the floorplan. This tool takes you through the entire process effortlessly, resulting in a 3d view.

And The Rest? Well….

Not surprisingly, many of the high street chains, and well known bathroom showrooms have their own set of tools that are made specifically for their products.

Harrison Bailey
This is a pretty impressive tool, with built in drop down menus for all products and price guides. You can email the plan directly to them or print it out for your records. I’m sure Harrison Bailey customers appreciate having such a great tool.

IKEA seems to be the choice of many these days, but their bathroom planner lets them down a little. IKEA usually are great at making things as simple as possible, and although this tool is good, it could be so much better. However, if you’re buying an IKEA bathroom, we’d suggest it the best place to start.

Wickes has really come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and we’ve been fitting a lot of their bathrooms this year. They don’t have an online tool to help you plan out one of their bathrooms (maybe they want you in their store) but they do have a very detailed guide on planning and installing a new bathroom, which is well worth a look.

Unfortunately, some of the other well known high street stores don’t offer online tools that are free or easy to use.

Homebase lets you book a free appointment with one of their specialists, while the Bathstore don’t even offer that. B&Q do offer an online planner, but you need to sign up to use it. We’re smart enough to realise their objective is to get you in store so they can sell you a bathroom, but we feel they are missing a trick because they’ll get a greater level of customer trust and sales if they helped their customers as much as possible.

For us the “does it fit” tool is a clear winner. It does everything you need, and keeps it simple. Don’t forget to think as broadly as possible when planning out your bathroom. Consider the current layout, the plumbing already in place, the electrics, lighting, door and window positions, air vents, and your celing heights, especially if it’s different in certain parts of the room. Happy planning!

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